I Believe.....

.....that one of the most important things you can give your children and grandchildren is a legacy. Custom photography is the pathway to a beautiful visual record of who you are, and the roles you play in each others' lives.


I believe that the goal for seeking professional, custom photography should be to create tangible, emotional records of an exact moment in time. The unique curve of your belly as you carried your baby before he or she entered the world. The depth of the relationship shared by Mom and Dad. The absolute smallness and total perfection of your newborn baby. The precious emotions on display as older siblings begin to bond with a new baby. How your family looked in the early days of the newborn baby's life. These are fleeting moments that pass in a flash, and will never occur again. 


These moments are priceless. 


I believe that these moments deserve special place in your home, a place of honor where they will bring you joy every time you pass them by. When these moments are but memories, what then is their value? The visual legacy you create when you choose to print your photographs will one day be your most cherished possession. We are of the generation that has fond memories of gathering around old photo albums or scrapbooks with parents and grandparents, reminiscing over times gone by and people who no longer grace our daily lives. I believe it is our responsibility to preserve this opportunity for our future generations, those so fully steeped in the digital age. 


I believe photography is best enjoyed in print. Carefully and thoughtfully created portrait art deserves to be proudly displayed on the finest canvases, on the best papers surrounded by just the perfect frame, or in a beautifully crafted modern photo album. As a professional photographer, it is my mission and ultimate responsibility to help you preserve your most important memories, for today and for years to come. 


I am thrilled you are considering me to be your professional photographer. Let's capture your legacy together!