I was 14 when I got my first real camera as a Christmas gift from my Dad. It was a passion of his, and I have many a fond memory of learning photography and film processing from him. I still have prints he made in our basement darkroom, and the prints he helped me make. Photography evolved as I grew into adulthood, and the old form of the art seems all but lost. Gone are the days when you had to develop and print your film to even have a glimpse of your images. We live in an on-demand world where technology is constantly changing around us. The worlds of photography and digital media are no different. I have had cameras that store images on floppy disk, small CD’s, and a whole host of different memory cards. Technology comes and goes.


What endures is the legacy that is left behind with an artfully presented  photograph. This why I do what I do. It brings me such joy and satisfaction to beautifully preserve those precious, fleeting first days of a new life. It is a tremendous privilege to be chosen as your photographer, and to be given the very serious job of preserving your family legacy for your children, and the generations to come after them.