Red Hind posing© TLC Digital PhotographyFile clamPink azure vase spongesBanded coral shrimp© TLC Digital PhotographyCaribbean spiny lobsterLobster close upAhhhhh………. I have a hard time photographing this type of fish at all, nevermind in this funny pose.Sponge formations on the Wreck of the #356 MV Keith TibbetsForward guns on the MV Keith TibbettsBow of the MV Keith TibbettsSponges making their home on the anchor chain on the MV Keith TibbettsDeck railing of the MV Keith TibbettsI loved the way the far side of this sponge seemed to have translucent bands.Turbine engine on the MV Keith TibbettsColonies of tube sponges on the deck beams of the MV Keith TibbettsUpper portion of the MV Keith TibbettsBarrel sponges on the top of the MV Keith TibbettsHermit crab inside a pink vase sponge