The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the worldJumeira Beach with Burj al Arab in the backgroundAll that glass sure does catch the sunThe Atlantis Hotel on Palm JumeiraArchway of the Atlantis HotelAh yes, I'll have a latte please!The view from the monorail running down the center of the Palm JumeiraThe monorail heading back into DubaiHi Margrit!It was so hazy that day. Gave the skyline view from the monorail a really eerie appearanceDubai's Gold SoukGold, gold, gold….Whoa….Double whoa….Getting ready for our tour of the desert sand dunes.Camels in the desertThis was a crazy-ass ride through the desert sand dunes. I thought more than once that we might goes wheels up!!Out of the 4-Runners and Land Cruisers for some photo ops just before sunset.I'm in front of the camera again for a change.Some of the small dunes that seemed to go on forever